Some extracts from my 2005 Election Flyer.

(I was representing the Green Party standing for an Oxfordshire County Council electroral division)

Wider Issues :

Forward thinking. While working to improve the quality of life now the Green Party promotes the highly cost effective policy of working towards long term goals to try to avoid severe problems in the future. For example, the Green party has been warning of the dangers of ‘climate change’ for over twenty years. Now we have got others interested we must keep up the pressures for the best accommodation of the already worsening problem while promoting our other more sustainable, greener ideas.

Abolition of 17.5% VAT on property renovations. This tax penalises the development of often good quality old buildings at the expense of the demolition and building of often poorer quality new houses. This is wasteful in both the short and long term. Even builders are saying there are going to be problems with the newly built houses in a few years. I will lobby to get the VAT removed from renovations and extensions.

Improving the quality of life: The Green Party seeks to improve the overall quality of life. One aspect of this is maintaining sufficient rural environment. A rural environment is not only spiritually uplifting but naturally self sustaining of itself and us. I believe in promoting living centres of appropriately limited size to better use their own surrounding countryside and achieve cost efficient living conditions. I believe in the promotion of electronic communication to reduce both travel and road building.

Overpopulation of the southeast: The south east of England is already over populated. This puts excessive pressure on many factors affecting the quality of life including; housing, roads, waste disposal and all forms of pollution. Financial costs also escalate when the larger scale population density gets too great. I am in favour of a better averaging of the population density over the UK as a means to deduce pressure on the south east and will lobby to make this a reality.

Proportional Representation: is required to obtain a fair representation of the electorate’s wishes at the national level. With the current system the electorate is under pressured to vote for either the conservative or labour package. This encourages the politicians of these parties to try to be all things to all men. It encourages ingenuousness (Ref. Mr Howard’s floundering to find a set of policies for his party, or Mr. Blair’s adoption of the anti-global warming stance after supporting an unnecessarily expensive destruction of the world’s resources in the Iraqi war, (over 150 billion dollars has been spent so far and the replacement of destroyed facilities will cost many more hundreds of billions of dollars). Even the Liberal democrats only took an anti Iraq war stance after a survey showed it to be to their political advantage. How cynical can you get? The Green party has always been against these contrived, highly destructive wars. The current parliamentary system, results in continuous use of the whip and manipulation of the populace to try and hide the incompetence and misjudgement of those in power. The limited electoral terms and the confrontational nature of the ‘first past the post’ system also promote instability on time scales that are disruptively short for a modern industrial society. Proportional representation will facilitate; better long term planning, better economic and social stability, a reduction in confrontational politics and less in-genuine politicians. I believe in what I stand for and I will promote proportional representation. The British people need as wide an electoral choice as possible. The Green Party contributes to that. I will work to keep you in touch with reality.

Civil Rights: It has taken the British people much suffering and hundreds of years to win their civil rights. The Labour Government has sought to trample on these because of problems they have promoted by their incompetent handling of matters. Not even the Spanish, with their young democracy, have taken this route. Tony Blair has attempted to achieve his desires by telling us stories of hundreds of terrorists at loose in Britain. Like Bush, Blair seeks to whip up fear to get his own way ---- or is he telling the truth? We don’t know. He has called “Wolf” so often. He and his party have debased British political and social life by their deceits and duplicity. Don’t let your control freakish government whittle away at your liberties. I will promote adherence to a sensible set of policies that maintain your hard won gains. I will promote a maximum of two electoral terms for any prime minister. (Compare Mrs Thatcher in her third term and the way Tony is now before he has even reached his third term.)